How Cognitiv Created 'Positiv' Feelings About AI-Powered Marketing

Example of Cognitiv Campaign Ad
Example of Cognitiv Campaign Ad


In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, Cognitiv has emerged as a trailblazer with its innovative awareness campaign. This campaign highlights the positive benefits of advertising with deep learning and integrates AI into every aspect of the process. By inspiring advertisers to recognize deep learning as more than advanced media buying technology, Cognitiv's campaign underscores what is achievable when time is reclaimed. Cognitiv’s first brand campaign graphically represents the mental relief and clarity that advertising professionals can achieve through working with their Deep Learning Advertising Platform.

The Strategy Behind the Campaign

Cognitiv's campaign concept revolves around the possibilities that marketers and advertisers can achieve with an undistracted mind and time savings. Whether it’s clearing out their inbox, developing a business-changing strategy, attending more industry events, or focusing on long-neglected projects, the key takeaway is clear: With Cognitiv, you are finally able to ‘Reclaim your brain.’

Insights from Industry Professionals

The theme of this campaign evolved from extensive interviews with advertising industry professionals. Feedback from clients and prospects revealed a common desire for more time to focus on their core professional objectives. Media buyers at agencies often described being bogged down in routine tasks, missing opportunities to concentrate on strategic and creative elements of their roles.

Leveraging Advanced AI for Innovation

With the rise of advanced AI, Cognitiv continually uncovers new ways to use innovation to set itself apart in the digital media and advertising industry. This forward-thinking mentality led them to identify like-minded partners who utilize AI to create a memorable brand campaign featuring high-level messaging and creative assets focused on outcomes and emotions.

Execution: A Collaborative Effort

Creative Development with Manual Labor Studio

Manual Labor Studio played a pivotal role in developing creative concepts for Cognitiv's first-ever brand awareness campaign. Using AI throughout the development process resulted in standout 3-D animated imagery that became central to the campaign.

Strategic Targeting by Billups

Billups, an outdoor advertising agency specializing in out-of-home (OOH) media, used AI to determine optimal media approaches for reaching essential audiences. Factors such as time of day and location were meticulously considered to maximize impact.

Eye-Catching Creative Elements

The stunning visuals created for this campaign draw attention with messages like “More Collaborativ,” “More Inventiv," “More Responsiv,” “More Inclusiv,” “More Transformativ,” “More Creativ,” and “More Reflectiv.” Each message culminates in the empowering tagline: “Reclaim your brain.” This approach encourages advertisers to let AI work not just for their campaigns but also for themselves.

Results: A Buzz-Worthy Launch

Cognitiv's brand awareness campaign has generated significant buzz within the industry. Media placements announcing its launch appeared in key trade publications such as MediaPost and Cynopsis DOOH. Following its initial launch, there was a remarkable 650% increase in organic LinkedIn searches for Cognitiv.

Continued Expansion and Thought Leadership

As the campaign runs through June, Cognitiv continues broadening awareness by launching thought leadership content covering relevant themes in key adtech trades like Adweek. They are also showcasing their creative assets at major industry events including POSSIBLE! in Miami and Cannes Lions in France.

Conclusion: Reclaim Your Brain with Cognitiv

Cognitiv’s innovative awareness campaign successfully communicates how deep learning can transform advertising by giving professionals more time to focus on what truly matters. By integrating AI into every aspect of their process, they have created a compelling narrative that resonates deeply within the industry. As advertisers continue embracing these advancements, they too can experience ‘positiv’ feelings about AI-powered marketing.

By understanding how Cognitiv leverages advanced technology for impactful marketing strategies, you too can explore new horizons in your professional journey—reclaiming your brain one step at a time.